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About Hester & Morris

Hester & Morris Orthodontics - A leading orthodontics service provider based in Valdosta, GA with a mentality of quality service and customized care.

They provide a welcoming environment for kids as well as adults and have a staff that can adapt and caters to the need. Not to mention their involvement within the Valdosta community is pretty strong! From collabs with local middle schools to leading career days, they're up for the challenge to grow our community one smile at a time!

About the Production

FilmStory collaborated with Hester & Morris to produce a testimonial highlight of a family's experience using Hester & Morris' services. After recently finishing another project with Hester and Morris, the transition into this story was simple to get going. The agreed purpose for this story was to encourage mothers and families alike to trust Hester & Morris as their orthodontic care service provider.

The Process

For this piece, the ice had already been broken between FilmStory and Hester & Morris from a project earlier on in the year.

In our discovery meetings, we both recognized that we did not want to create a "promotional video" for Hester and Morris.

We wanted the focus to be more of a personal story that wraps around the family watching at home and wipes away any hesitations towards choosing Hester & Morris.

And the best way to do that was through sharing a personal experience of a family that's gone through the process.

Hester & Morris was finishing up a revamp on their website and marketing, and this was the cherry on top, so there was a deadline by the end

of the summer. Getting the family in and filming everything we need in one day was a challenge.

Different film locations (both inside the main building as well as a local cupcake shop down the street), staying on schedule, getting all of the footage we need in one day. All of these were challenges that were conquered through scouting, planning, and improvising. Thankfully, our POC was with us the entire time and made the process as smooth as possible - They even had an amazing spread for everyone!

The interviews were key for this project. Our main talent, Angie, did an amazing job in front of the camera. It took a few takes but her endurance to stay calm, receive help and tell her story made this possible. Her daughters, Katie & Claire did amazing as well!

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