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The How to Guide for Great Video Production!


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The How to Guide for Great Video Production!

Unless you’re creating content specifically for entertainment, video production is normally used as a business to business service to help promote or bring awareness to a specific topic or idea. Essentially there are seven goals that need to be met in order to accomplish great video production for your client:


  1. LISTEN! - Identify what their goal is and if they have one what is their vision for this video. I’ve had experiences where companies expect us to be telepathic and sort of know what they need. That’s where I intentionally turn the spotlight back to them and figure out how they envision the final product. Remember you are a providing a service to the company as well as your expertise! So listen carefully and identify how you can help. 

  2. DISCOVERY - Once the goal and vision have been set, see if you can identify a creative and efficient way to capture what’s needed. And then share that with the client and have an open conversation to hear their thoughts on the idea.

  3. IDENTIFY BUDGET AND CONTRACT - After everyone’s calibrated on how we can film what’s needed, then you can identify the budget and equipment needed to produce the video. It’s up to you to identify your rates and expenses. Do your best to think from beginning to end on a project. (Music licensing, Aerial Videography, Equipment rental & purchasing, etc.)

  4. LOGISTICS - Once the contract and payment has been confirmed, it’s time to coordinate the location, film schedules, point of contact, and preparing the talent to be in front of camera (What to wear, what not to wear -- Ladies may want to bring a friend to make sure hair and makeup is great throughout the interview, etc.)

  5. FILMING & EDITING - Once your filming is complete and editing begins, we highly recommend organizing your External Hard drive for the company name in order to keep all files structured and easy to reach.

  6. EXPORT & SEND AWAY - Once the project is complete, send the final file to your POC for a review!

  7. SOCIAL MEDIA - For best social media results, coordinate a plan with your client to see about how to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible. As I’m creating this article, facebook, Instagram and youtube seem to be the best options for getting video out (as well as the client’s website)

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