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Initial Meeting Process for Story Telling

At the end of the day, when it comes to video production, you are hired to provide a service, and you want to be sure to provide the best quality of service, as well as making sure it’s what they’re looking for.


The initial meetings with our clients are for them as much as it is for us. Each part plays a role. We can’t complete our story without them, and they can’t tell their story without us, so these initial meetings are where calibration is made, ideas are formed, the budget is confirmed, logistics are scheduled, and the story is told.


To give you an idea of the importance of this initial meeting time, before you begin this process, there are thoughts and ideas, and after this period is complete, there is filming.  #Teamwork

For this side of storytelling through video production, there are five points that must be confirmed during the initial meeting process before filming begins:


  • Identify the Goal (Purpose) of the story?

  • Identify the story that will be used to accomplish that goal.

  • Budget & Contract - How much will this cost? - Identify Equipment needed

  • Logistics - Locations, Point of Contacts, & Timeframes

  • Preparing Talent to be on camera


When it comes to FilmStory and our initial meetings, we aim to make sure all parties are crystal clear in all five of these points before there is any pulling out of equipment. Story - First. Clarity - First.


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