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In 2018 more than 80% of the content, we watch online is video. So what does that mean for the videographer? Well, for one it means that there’s been an increase in people picking up a phone or camera and pressing record. It means that the need for putting out content on social media platforms are becoming almost a norm for business growth. And lastly, it means that there is a growing desire for everyone’s content to be different from everyone else.


So how does one differentiate?

When everyone’s using software that generally does the same thing, similar editing workflows, similar camera equipment, similar social media platforms, how do we differentiate?




The stories we tell are the difference factor that separates your work from anyone else in the market. Video production can be defined as the process of creating a video by capturing moving images and creating combinations of these images into a final product.

Storytelling is defined by the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. You see, storytelling uses video production as a tool to share interactions that evoke human emotion. And most of the time with today’s attention rate become shorter and shorter, one must become innovative and creative enough to capture the attention of the viewer in the shortest amount of time possible in order for the story to be considered for viewing.


So how does one tell a great story without wasting any time?



We Listen.




Here in Valdosta, GA Film Story is focused on receiving clarity from our clients in understanding the purpose of why we’re wanting to tell this story in the first place, as well as making sure what needs to be told, gets told. Nothing More. Nothing less. We do our best in making sure we leave our initial client meetings with all parties calibrated and knowing what the next step is.


Initial Meeting Process for Story Telling


What equipment is needed to film the story?

Truthfully, one can tell the story with the phone sitting in your pocket right now, however that tends to be only acceptable for personal representation and not for representing a for-profit business. Either way, our practice is to become very clear on the content and story needed to be told before diving into what equipment to purchase or use.


The easiest way to unpack this question would be to categorize the content creator:

Equipment needed to tell the story


Once the content is captured and gathered, one can begin the process of combining the needed content to tell the story. Most editing software plays similar roles in manipulating footage. However the capabilities of what can be done increases as you move up in editing software. Simply put, use what you can, and learn as much as you can with each software.


Storytelling through video production is becoming more and more the norm of how we promote our interests and ideas. We look forward to seeing what the future holds in this content-creating market. Till then, create on!

For those interested in a more detailed look at how to go from A to Z in storytelling through video production, check out

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